What happens when a person visits their PURL?

There are three things that happens with a PURL page is visited. Purlem will personalize the page, track the results, and execute actions.

Personalize Page

When a person visit's their PURL, they will see a web page that is personalized to them. The level of personalization can be as simple or complex as your data provides. For example, an auto dealership may know when a person's lease is up, or when they're due for their next oil change. They can use this information to personalize the page with special discounts and offers specific to the visitor.

Track Results

To see a full list of Purlem's reporting/tracking capabilities, visit the Campaign Results page.

Execute Actions

Actions are triggered by landing page activity. Purlem's actions include:

Email Responses - Trigger a personalized email to go out to the visitor based on the page visited.
Email Alerts - Trigger email alerts to go out to you and your sales team to instantly notify of page activity.