Pardot Integration

This article will show you how to create/update a Pardot prospects when a person visit their PURL. 

1. Download

Download this  pardot.php file.

2. Update

Add your Pardot login credentials.  Adding the optional Pardot Campaign and list IDs will automatically assign your PURL visitors to those entities.

//Add your pardot login
$pardot_email = '';
$pardot_password = 'your_pardot_password';
$pardot_user_key = 'xxxx';
//Optional $pardot_campaing_id = ''; $pardot_list_id = '';
Also note the the ability to push additional fields (include custom fields) into Pardot on line 50.  For example, to update Pardot with the visitor's company, you would add...
$visitorData['campaign_id'] = $visitor->company;

3. Upload

Upload your updated pardot.php file to the same folder as your PURL index.php file. 

4. Include

In your campaign's index.php file, add the following just below the "PURL CODE" at the top of the file.

include '../pardot.php';

And that should be it.  Now anytime a person visits their PURL, their contact record will be created/updated with their information.