Editing a Purlem Template in Dreamweaver

Want to use a Purlem template as a starting point for your own design? The following tutorial shows you how to edit a Purlem template in Dreamweaver, and use that for your Purlem Campaign.

1. Download Template

Download the template that you would like to use from http://purlem.com/templates

2. Rename the index.html to index.php

Find the index.html file in the downloaded folder. Rename that file to Index.php

This will allow us to add necessary PHP code to the landing page file.

3. Open up the index.php file in Dreamweaver

4. Find/Replace Template Code with PHP

Find and replace the following (some may not exist in certain templates)

  • <page_thankyou>  =  <?php if($_GET['page'] == 100) { ?>
  • </page_thankyou> = <?php } ?>
  • <purl_mobile> = <?php if($mobile == 'Y') { ?> 
  • </purl_mobile> = <?php } ?>
  • <purl label="textarea" name="Content Area">....</purl label="textarea"> = <?php echo $visitor->{'content'}; ?>
  • <purl label="form">Form goes here</purl label="form"> = <?php echo $visitor->{'form'}; ?>

5. Create a New "No Template" Campaign

Since we will be using our own HTML, create a new campaign using the "No Template" option.

6. Replace the uploaded index.php file with yours.

When you created a campaign in Step 5, an index.php file was installed on your server.  

Login via FTP to find the index.php file on your server.   If your using instantPURL - Request FTP Access.

Open that index.php file in Dreamweaver, and replace that file with the index.php file you created earlier from the Purlem template.

7. Make additional changes

Make any additional changes that you would like the index.php file.  You now have full control to manipulate the design of the landing page directly through the HTML. 

8. Upload

Don't forget to upload your new index.php file to the server!