Landing Page Design - Purlem's Editor

Purlem's landing page editor makes it easy to modify content, colors, images, and form on your PURL Landing Page.

Don't like your current design?
Select from several different templates to get started quickly.

Want more control of the design?
Advanced users may want to create their own templates, or work directly through the HTML.


Adding/modifying content in your landing page is an easy as updating the text areas provided under the  Content tab in the editor. You can also use the gear dropdown to add pull-in variable content specific to the visitor.


Each Purlem template allows you to modify the colors.  To do so, simply click on the color tab within the editor


You can upload new images to your landing page under the Images tab. You can also define variable images, or hide the image, using the gear dropdown.


The editor also gives you full control to modify the landing page form.  You can add new fields, change the type and size of the input, and order of the fields by simply clicking and dragging.

Adding a Field

To add a new field, click on the field you would like to add under the Form tab.

Editing a Field

To edit an existing field - change the input type, requirement, and select options - rollover the field, and select the edit button.

Deleting a Field

To delete a field: Rollover the field, select the edit button, and choose the Delete link at the bottom right of the page.