Duplicate Records

Since purls are customized using a first and last name duplicate records in Purlem are contacts that have the same first and last name.

If Campaign #1 has a Joe Smith and later a Joe Smith is added to Campaign #2, the second "Joe Smith" will be considered a duplicate record - IF Campaign #1 and Campaign #2 have the same domain. Purlem will auto-corrects duplicate entries both when  uploading multiple contacts and adding them one at a time.   Here is an example of how Purlem will handle duplicate records across three different campaigns. 

Campaign Contact URL PURL
Campaign #1 Joe Smith http://domain.com /Joe.Smith
Campaign #2 Joe Smith http://domain.com /Joe.Smith1234
Campaign #3 Joe Smith http://newdomain.com /Joe.Smith

By default, Purlem will assign duplicate records a random 4 digit identifier. You also can select an alternate field to append duplicates. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to your campaign settings.

2. Find the Duplicates options

Under the campaigns tab the duplicates option the dropdown should display a variety of alternatives to using a random four digit number.