Creating a Campaign with Your Domain

Your domain needs to be hosted on a Linux server with PHP 5+.

Need a Domain Name and Hosting? Purchase & Setup Domain/Hosting with GoDaddy

1. Select the 'Use Your Domain' option

Under that tab, select  Automatic Install.

2. Enter FTP Information

Campaign Name: This can be anything you would like to describe the campaign.

Site URL: The URL of the site where your PURL page will be hosted.  For example- if your PURL is, you would enter - -  into this field.

Server: The FTP server address you were given by your hosting company.  GoDaddy will automatically create a ftp account with an ftp subdomain.  For example, if your domain name is you'd use here.

Username: The FTP username 

Password: The FTP password

Path: The path to the public directory on your server. Selecting the FTP browser (folder) icon will display the directory structure on your server.

TIP: When in doubt, try a leaving the field blank.  Purlem will check to make sure that this is your public directory, and warn if you if is not.  

2.1. Select A Design Template

You can import a different template or create your own.

TIP: For advanced users that want to work directly with the HTML, you can choose the  No Template option.

3. Edit the Landing Page

Here you can change the way your landing page looks. You can change the colors, add text, upload images, create a survey or questionnaire, and personalize the page to the visitor.

Click on the Preview Page button to see your live landing page.  Whenever you preview the page from the dashboard, the testing mode will be on.

When your done editing the landing page, select the Save & Continue button.

4. That's It!

You may now want to Upload Multiple Contacts, Response Emails, Email Alerts, and more in the Settings Page.