Sending PURLs through Direct Mail or Email

When you upload your mailing list into Purlem, the PURLs for each of your contacts will automatically be created. Then, you can Export your Contacts, which will give you new spreadsheet with a new column containing the PURL for each of your mailing list contacts.

Now, you can take that mailing list and send it to your Print Provider for Email Marketing Service.

Direct Mail

If your looking for a Print Provider, check out This is a list of Variable Data Printers that have the capability to print PURLs for your campaign. Variable Data is the technology that allows printers to print a unique PURL on each mailing piece. Or, you can simply call your local print provider and ask them if they have the ability to "Print Variable Data."  If they can print variable data, that means they have the necessary technology to print your PURLs as well.

Alternatively, you can add the PURLs yourlself through a simple Mail Merge, using application like Photoshop or Microsoft Word.


If your sending out PURLs via Email, Purlem has a direct integration with MailChimp, that makes this extremely easy.  However, you  can integration with most popular email providers, including Constant Contact and Aweber