Using OptimizePress

If you using Optimize as your Wordpress theme, there is a slight modification needed for Purlem's plugin to work.

OptimizePress modification for Purlem

To modify the plugin, go to Plugins > Edit Plugins in your Wordpress admin. 

From there select Purlem from the dropdown menu on the top-left of the screen.  This will allow you to edit Purlem's plugin.

Near lines 114 and 115 you will see following lines:

$newContent .= $_SESSION['visitor']->{'content'};<br>if(get_option('showPurlForm') == 'Y') $newContent .= $_SESSION['visitor']->{'form'};

We will need to comment out these lines to prevent the personalized data from showing up in multiple places.

//$newContent .= $_SESSION['visitor']->{'content'};<br>//if(get_option('showPurlForm') == 'Y') $newContent .= $_SESSION['visitor']->{'form'};

You can then pull in the personalized data direct through OptimizePress' editor using the hashtag variables

For older installs, (before version 1.3.0), you will also need to make another slight adjustment.

In the first section of code, you find the following line:

add_action('get_header', 'display_purl_code');

And replace it with:

add_action('wp_head', 'display_purl_code');