Creating a Mobile Friendly Landing Page

All Purlem templates are already optimized for mobile devices, so there is not need to create a mobile friendly version.

Displaying alternative mobile pages to mobile users

For advanced users that are editing the HTML of the landing page, you can follow the tips below to define elements of the page specifically to mobile viewers. When a Purlem QR Code is scanned, the action is tracked with the url variable "mobile."  To create a mobile friendly website, you would do the following:

1) Open the index.php file in your favorite HTML editor. The index.php file is the landing page design file hosted on your server. If your using instantPURL, then  request FTP access to modify this file. 

2) Just below the PURL CODE (at the top of the file), add the following:

<?php if($visitor->mobile == true) { ?>       //place the mobile-friendly html here
<?php } else { ?>
       //place the non-mobile-friendly html here
<?php } ?>

3) Test by visiting a PURL