Adding PURLs & QR Codes with Photoshop

sDid you know that it's possible to use Photoshop's Variables to add PURLs and QR Codes to your promotional pieces?  Well you do now!  Here is how...

1. Export Contacts and QR Codes

Select  Contacts > Export Contacts

Downloading PURLs will give you a spreadsheet file of all your contacts and their PURL

Select  Contacts > Download QR Codes

Download QR Codes will provide you with a zip file containing the QR Code image for each contact.

2. Add Spreadsheet and QR Codes into a New Folder

Create a new folder (Name it anything you want).  Then drag the PURL Spreadsheet and all of the QR Codes and file into the folder.

3. Remove Unnecessary Columns in PURL Spreadsheet

In my case, I will be using the PURL, QRCode columns..
Note that I removed the the spaces in both First Name and QR Code column .  This is necessary for Photoshop. 

All other columns should be removed.

Save the file.

4. Add Layers to your Photoshop File for Each Column

Open your file in Photoshop.   Create layers for each of the columns created in Step 3. In my case I will create a column for: QR Code,  First Name, Letter and PURL.

Add default text and/or images to each layer.

5. Open the Variables Window in Photoshop

Images > Variable > Define

6. Define Each Layer

For each layer created in Step 4, Select either "Text Replacement" or "Pixel Replacement" checkbox, and give them a name.

Each layers's name needs to match the headers in the spreadsheet file from Step 3!

7. Import the Spreadsheet file as a Data Set

Select Data Sets from the drop down on the top of the Variable Window.
Select Import...  
Select File... and Browse the the PURL spreadsheet file saved from Step 3
Click OK

8. Preview Changes

Select the Apply button and your layers will magically pull from the data in your spreadsheet file.
Select the the arrows next to the Data Set text box to preview multiple versions.

9. Export Data Sets as Files  

Select  File > Export > Data Sets as Files...Select the Location to save the files to.
Leave the rest of the options the same (unless you know better).

Cool huh?...