Inserting a new PURL contact through a form on your website

With Purlem's API it is easy for you to automatically insert contacts through a form on your, or your client's, website.

1. Gather Data

Before you begin using Purlem's API you should gather the following info (all can be found under theSettings tab in your Purlem dashboard):

  1. User ID
  2. API Token
  3. Campaign ID

2. Download & Install

Once you have that information, you want to download and install the following 2 files on your server

  1. purlapi.php (
  2. contact_add.php (
Once these files are added to your server with your info you can visit to check. By default, when the form is submitted, it will redirect to the newly created PURL.

3. Customize

Feel free to customize your form however you like using HTML and CSS.